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Our translation rates

Translation rates vary according to the material to be translated

and the project.

The following elements should be taken into consideration when drawing up an estimate for your commercial translation project:

  • Subject (social, marketing, technical, political, medical, etc.)

  • Subject complexity

  • Document length (number of words in source document)

  • Document type (Word, Excel, HTML, XML or other desktop publishing software)

  • Document formatting

  • Deadline requirements

  • Any other specific requirements

Please contact us with details of your translation project, and we'll provide you with a quote and turnaround time.

Translation rates per word Canada special discount for non-profit organizations for a better world hand in hand

We apply a discount to our rates

when our customers are non-profit organizations.

Click here to request a no-obligation quote online:

Or, send us an e-mail directly to

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