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English to French translation Services Company Canada during a meeting

Our English to French
translation services

We can help bridge the French-English linguistic and cultural divide across multiple channels. 

We offer English to French translation services
for many industries as follows:

  • Communication (corporate communication, journalism, marketing, public relations advertising and website translation services), 

  • Arts (music, performing arts, fine arts, literature translation services), 

  • Education (teaching and training, educational publishing, e-learning materials translation services), 

  • Media and entertainment (cinema and television, audiovisual, subtitling, video translation services), 

  • Tourism and leisure (hotels, restaurants, travel translation services), 

  • Humanities and social sciences (anthropology, history translation services), 

  • Administration and management (public policy translation services)

Here is a non-exhaustive
list of documents for which
we can assist you
with our English to French document translation services:

  • Brochures 

  • Safety campaigns and presentations

  • Catalogues and sales sheets

  • Corporate communications

  • Internal and external corporate communications

  • E-mail communications and letters

  • Marketing copy

  • Corporate documents

  • Procedural documents

  • Product packaging

  • Nutrition labels and product-specific information 

  • User manuals

  • Mandatory/optional bilingual information 

  • Manufacturer information

  • Social Media Posts

  • Policies

  • Proposals

  • Drafting marketing documents

  • Telephone scripts

  • Websites

  • Theses and academic works

  • Literary texts

  • Company videos

  • E-learning materials

  • Resumes

  • Voice-overs

English to French Translation Services in a meeting in Toront Ontario Canada with diversity
English to French Translation Services Women Tanslators in Canada in a company that celebrates diversity

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Toronto, ON M6E 3A2, Canada

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