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Linguistic and terminological expertise
in professional French translation

Best professional French translator in Toronto, Canada, Ottiaq-certified Bruno Moynie

Bruno Moynié, an OTTIAQ (The Order of Certified Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters of Quebec)-certified professional French translator, brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to his work. He is recognized not only for his linguistic expertise, but also for his in-depth understanding of the nuances specific to each field, as a terminologist and linguistic advisor.

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Bruno is an English to French translation professional within the Ontario Public Sector, where he contributes his expertise to assist in bilingual corporate terminology and Canadian French translation.


With a foundation in anthropology, Bruno has dedicated himself to the study of cultural diversity, delving into its depths to understand its nuances. This scholarly background enriches his approach to proper French translation, infusing it with a deep appreciation for the subtleties of language and culture. By exploring both empirical processes and theoretical principles of cultural translation, Bruno has refined his practice, ensuring that each translation captures not just words, but

the essence of meaning and cultural context.


A native of France, Bruno has studied and worked in France and Canada, where he has lived for over 20 years. He is responsible for each translation carried out by À Propos Services, whether it was done by himself or by a member of his team.

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