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Professional French translation services

À Propos Services offers exceptional French translation services,

led by Ottiaq-certified expert Bruno Moynié.

diversity in our french translation services company in canada

About Bruno Moynié

Bruno Moynié, an OTTIAQ (The Order of Certified Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters of Quebec)-certified professional French translator, brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to his work.


He is recognized not only for his linguistic expertise, but also for his in-depth understanding of the nuances specific to each field, as a terminologist and linguistic advisor.

French translation services
tailored to your industry

“I am personally committed to providing you with credible, professional French translation services that perfectly meet the specific needs of your industry. Because it’s not just a question of your translation being accurate… it also has to ‘sound’ right!”

Are you or your company seeking
specialized and professional
French translation services?

Choose À Propos Services for:

A culturally sensitive approach

At À Propos Services, we recognize the paramount importance of cultural adaptation in effectively engaging with your target audience, particularly within French-speaking communities in Canada. When translating from English to French, we understand that addressing a Parisian audience differs significantly from addressing French-speaking Ontarians or Montrealers.

Tailored solutions across industries

Whether you represent an association, a corporation, or a small business, our team delivers precise translations tailored to each unique context, ensuring seamless comprehension of your message.

Fluent communication in a bilingual landscape

We specialize in communication solutions tailored for bilingual markets like Canada. Our expertise encompasses the distinctive challenges and requirements of this audience, enabling us to guide you effectively through them.

Native precision in understanding linguistic nuances

In the realm of translation, proficiency in a foreign language is just the starting point. Understanding the subtleties and complexities of a culture requires more than just linguistic skills; it demands a lifetime of immersion and experience. That's why at À Propos Services, we are native speakers. Our unique insights and cultural fluency guarantee translations that are not just accurate, but truly resonate with the nuances of the target audience.

A track record of excellence

À Propos Services has built a sterling reputation for French translation services. Our clientele spans a diverse spectrum, including governmental agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations across Canada.

Personalized approach, proven expertise

Our approach is entirely personalized to address your specific requirements. Backed by extensive experience in French translation services and an unwavering commitment to quality, we provide bespoke solutions that exceed expectations.

Choose À Propos Services for superior quality

Count on us to facilitate effective communication with French-speaking audiences across Canada and beyond.


We strive to nurture few but close and long-term relationships. Here is a selection of some of the clients we are proud to have recently served and/or are currently assisting.


"I had an extremely positive experience interacting with Bruno from À Propos Services and his insightful French translation service. We established a very reliable, practical and communicative relationship. As a native French speaker who has lived in Canada for years, Bruno's attention to the subtleties of the Canadian French language was remarkable. I highly recommend his services!"

Zeynep Gizem

“À Propos are my go-to translation service. Why? They’re professional, accurate, reliable, and friendly – every time.” 

Ann Decter, Canadian Women’s Foundation


"Working with À Propos during the last two years has eased the stress when the need for translation arises. The requested turn around time is always met, without question, along with accuracy. À Propos is our preferred supplier."

Margaret Martin

French translation services company meeting in Toronto
French speaking woman in French Translation Services company in Toronto

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